To Serve

I was listening to K-LOVE radio online late last week, and the station gave a challenge to pick one word that would summarize one’s goals for 2011.  Even though I decided not to send in my one-word to the station, I would like to share it with you and why I chose this word to mirror my commitment toward everything I do in 2011.

The word is: SERVE.

Why serve?  Well, I couldn’t choose a more perfect way to bring my goals for the year into perspective.  In late March, I will be completing my thesis as a final commitment for my Masters degree in Ministry Leadership.  After two years studying God’s Word and being trained in Christian Leadership, it is time for me to step out into the world and formally serve.  How will I serve while using my degree?  I don’t yet know, but I pray I will find a place in a local church where I can serve through my gifts in music.  Maybe this will involve being an associate or youth pastor or handling administrative tasks in addition to leading music, but I am open to serving Him wherever I am placed.

I can also serve Him in my personal music ministry in writing and performing concerts.  God has blessed me with a voice and has inspired me to write songs that tell of His provision in my life.  May I be a passionate witness of Christ’s love this year as I perform, lead worship, and write the songs that God places on my heart.

I desire to serve Him in my writing this year as well.  Ten years ago, God placed a story idea on my heart— a tale of three teenagers and their individual struggles to come to terms with life struggles and a pull toward faith in Christ.  I was only in high school when thoughts of this book started percolating in my mind, but somehow, I knew I would get this story into the hands of my readers.  As I said in my previous blog entry, I am excited to announce that after ten years, this will finally be a reality!  The Promise, a coming-to-faith story, will be released late this Spring, and I couldn’t be more excited.  This book will be my most personal yet, and if you think you have my writing style all figured out with my first two works, I think you will be surprised.  I truly believe God had a hand in the writing of each page of this book and I was simply the messenger to communicate what He wanted me to say.  This year, I pray, He will use The Promise as a means to serve Him.

Finally, I pray I can serve Him in the everyday and the there here and now.  There is so much hurt and suffering in this world, and I want to be better at reaching out to others, whether those people are in my family or are strangers to me.  I seek to be a brighter light and communicate God’s love to those who may have not already heard the Gospel and to nurture those who already serve Him.  It isn’t often that I view myself as a role model, but I pray that others might see in me something that demonstrates God’s truth to them. 

In 2011, I will SERVE!

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