Weekend Randomness

This past weekend featured some of the most random experiences.  It started with a trip to the local recording studio to work on an exciting project.  In May, I will be releasing my next book, The Promise, and as a promotional tool, I will also be releasing a song single and book trailer video online. 

The recording process started with a good friend who served as producer, laying down a guitar track.  I followed that up with some accents on the piano and vocals.  The afternoon concluded with the incredible talents of two young ladies from the area lending their skills on violin.  It has always been a dream for me to release a song with more than just me on vocals and piano.  The team and I were able to work together well, and the outcome was beyond what I expected!  Right now, we are looking at releasing the single of “The Promise” on April 4.  I can’t wait for you to hear it!

The team and I left the studio in time for me to meet up with a few friends at Perkins.  We caught up over burgers and pasta and then moved on to my place where we talked and made cookies.  It was at about that time that I learned about the most incredible circumstance.  One of my friends visiting from out of town told me he had recently purchased my second book, St. Croix Chronicles, on amazon.com.  He opened the book upon receiving it in the mail and found that I had signed the used copy.  It was inscribed to a familiar name— none other than my editor’s deceased mother.  I could not believe that this particular copy of my book had come full circle— from the hands of one good friend now passed on into the hands of another.  What a small world!

The weekend continued with Crossroads Worship Band leading the music at First Reformed on Sunday morning.  I love to serve at my home church, and it was great to be joined by friends and family in worship.  After the service, I enjoyed lunch with friends before a few of us headed off to spend the afternoon at Mall of America.  Once more, I was surprised by sheer randomness. 

My friends and I had just entered the Lindt Truffle store (to satisfy my recent truffle cravings) when we saw an old friend standing at the counter.  We immediately called her name and rushed over to her, eager to reconnect and share in the randomness of our meeting.    

Now, I am looking forward to a much quieter week, but who knows what could be in store for me considering these most recent events!  I love when God surprises me with little blessings along the way to keep life interesting.  Today I am thankful for friends, laughter, music, and so much more!  Here’s to randomness and one of the best weekends I have experienced in a long time!

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