A Sponge

I am a type A personality— a workaholic of sorts, dedicated to doing my best in everything.  Sometimes that means long hours and stressing over more than I need to, but the truth is, I am a “doer” not just a “dreamer.”  If something needs to be done, I am going to do it and learn something in the process.

 Over the past two years, I have been taking classes, completing papers and projects, making portfolios, writing curriculum, and making presentations.  And that’s only the academic work!  Call me crazy, but in addition to school, I have also been giving concerts, writing books and blogs, and creating new songs.  And then there are my two self-appointed internships.  When I started working toward my Masters degree, I quickly learned that there was no required internship.  That’s when I approached two different opportunities with eagerness to learn all I could in preparation for my future career goals.

 For almost 20 months, I worked for a home health and hospice organization, answering phones and completing random office tasks.  Although I had not received any education in working as a receptionist through my years in undergrad work, I was trained in on site and enjoyed a very gratifying experience at the office.  I found that interacting with patients and their families in addition to the staff afforded me the opportunity to minister to each person I spoke to over the phone and in person.  Although the organization was not a Christian entity, I felt I was able to share Christ’s love with others quite effectively.

 During this same time period, I also worked in the music department at First Reformed Church in Baldwin, Wisconsin, and I still do to this day.  Over the past two years, I have learned more than just what it means to be a musician and worship leader.  I have soaked up all the knowledge I can about preaching, small group meetings and committees, administrative tasks, audio and visual needs in the worship service, and so much more.

Recently, someone from the church asked me why I work so hard, but honestly, I don’t think I do all that much.  True, I seek to offer my best in every task I complete, but I guess I didn’t see myself as being that active in the congregation.  When I thought about it, I justified my workload and commitments with the idea that I am a sponge— eager to learn anything and everything that will draw me toward becoming a better musician and servant of Christ.  I feel I can never learn enough, and even though my time taking classes has come to an end, I am still learning. 

So I am a sponge for the Lord— seeking to be all I can be as I serve and worship on a daily basis.  To Him be the glory for everything I do!

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