In releasing my new book, The Promise, my thoughts turn to the idea of attraction.  There is no better example of natural attraction than the scientific phenomenon of the magnet and its relationship to metal.  Now before you start to think that I’m going to get all scientific on you, think again.  Science is not my strong suit, so please bear with me as I attempt to use science to back my reasoning.

Have you ever witnessed true love— the way in which two people are brought together and eventually make the decision to be united in marriage?  What draws them together?  Is it their mutual friends or common interests?  Maybe it’s the fact that they’re equally yoked and bound together in Christ.  Maybe it’s a physical attraction.  Whatever it is, we as people are drawn to those we love because we feel some sort of attraction toward them. 

Now, think about it this way; what is it that draws others to approach us and strike up a conversation?  What is it that springs up interest in a potential significant other?  What makes us unique and worth pursuing?  Well, for me, I would hope others would be drawn in by my love for Christ.  I know I am not the most vocal witness to nonbelievers, but I have been told that I am a good leader by example.  But is my example and the way I live my life strong enough to draw others to seek a relationship with Christ?  What can I do to be a more passionate witness to those around me?

In The Promise, J.C. is caught between two groups of friends, both with a strong appeal.  Jamie and the popular crowd have parties nearly every weekend, and J.C. feels she must attend or risk losing Jamie’s friendship.  Jamie’s friends present a link to her past in New York, and she can’t seem to bring herself to let go of the only lifestyle she has ever known.  At the same time, she meets Rachel, Sarah, and the others from Bible Study.  Through those friendships, she finds herself drawn toward Brent Hollister.  She can’t explain the connection she has with him— only that it is something special that can’t be defined.  She respects the presence of faith in his life but can’t seem to make his faith her own.  Even so, she considers his example and continues to feel a pull toward him and his relationship with God. 

Every day is an opportunity for us as Christians to be a light in this world.  We can be the magnets that pull others toward us and then in turn, we can draw them to Christ.  There is no greater calling in this life than to go into the world and make disciples as the Great Commission commands us to do.  Whether we verbally witness or simply live our lives out for Him, the method doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we display God’s love to those around us, therefore drawing others to see the hope and joy that we possess.  This act alone should be contagious, and the magnetic pull should be undeniable. 

So here’s my mini sermon for today: live your life as if it were on display for all to see— perhaps like a picture hung on the refrigerator by the force of a magnet.  Take the opportunities God brings into your life and use them to draw others to Christ. 


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