What I do

I was reading an online poll conducted by a Christian radio station recently that asked respondents to complete the following: My official job title is_____, but it really should be_____.  I read through the comments posted below, and the general consensus seemed to be that most people were not happy with their present job.  An example response to the poll would be: My official job title is Receptionist, but it really should be Soap Opera Actress or Singer.  And then there were responses that were more humorous like: My official job title is Wife and Mother, but it really should be Cleans All, Cooks All, Buys All, etc.    

The poll and its responses got me thinking.  We’ve probably all been in a social setting at one time or another when someone has posed the question: So what do you do?  I have been asked that question more times than I can count, but my response simply gets more and more complicated as the years go by.  I try to keep it simple by saying that I am self-employed, but then I open myself up to questions about my line of work as people seek more detail.  I find myself explaining that I am an author, freelance editor, musician, worship leader, and Team Leader at the Wisconsin Youth Leadership Forum.  All of these occupations create one full-time workload, but it’s hard to define my role in one basic title.

This past January, I decided to bring back “Cassie Contemplates…” and committed to writing every Monday.  In an early post, I wrote that I wanted to make 2011 a year dedicated to service.  I resolved to live out my life with renewed passion for serving Him.  So when I saw the online poll, I knew how I wanted to respond to the prompt, but I wasn’t sure I could follow through.  Since I didn’t have a specific job title, I didn’t know what to put into the first blank.  However, I knew I could fill in the second blank with something more specific and with a higher purpose.  But did I dare give myself such a job title?    

You see, if someone asked me what I did for a living, my first response would be to give them any number of my physical job titles.  But the truth is, my life is tied up in more than paid or volunteer employment.  I should be proud to tell others that I follow Christ for a living or that I am a servant of the Lord.  Other people might look at me strangely if I respond in such a way, but I have no reason to be ashamed of the truth.  Yes, I might be an author, editor, musician, or Team Leader, but ultimately, my job title is Servant of the King. 

I haven’t always been the best example of servanthood and Christ-like character, but I hope and pray that at the conclusion of my life, I will finally be able to live up to my ultimate job title.  Until then, I will seek to serve Him above any other ambition. 

So in closing, I leave you with two questions to consider.  What do you do?  What is your official job title? 

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