I am notorious for killing plants.  It started with a mum plant— a gift from my mother for my 19th birthday when I was a freshman in college.  The plant sat on my book shelf next to my desk.  I would do my best to remember to water it, but nevertheless, the plant showed signs of deterioration with each passing day.  In fact, the only time I truly saw it in bloom was in the first few days after my mother delivered it to my room. 

To this day, I keep only fresh flowers in my home.  I love Crazy Daisies— daisies that are dyed in all kinds of shades from neon colors to earth tones.  The daisies are meant to die within two to three weeks, so there is no need to distress when their blossoms start to whither.  But I can recall a time when the top of a daisy fell from the stem mere hours after I purchased the bouquet.  Without the stem to anchor the flower in place and give it life, the daisy dried up and was lifeless.

Much is the same in a person’s relationship to Christ.  Unless we are connected to the life source (Christ), we will whither and die on our own.  We must anchor ourselves to the vine, if you will, and drink of His living water.  Only then will we be sustained, just as a flower is encouraged to grow when given water. 

But even though a flower absorbs water and sunlight, the time will come when it will eventually near the end of its life span, returning to the dust of the ground.  The same is true of us as humans.  We were formed from the dust of the earth and to the dust we shall return when our life is complete.  But if we have absorbed the living water in Jesus Christ, we are promised new life in Him through eternity.  For in drinking of His everlasting cup, we will be fulfilled and lack nothing when our journey of life is complete.  So drink deep of the richness of His love, friends!  You will find satisfaction in Him and Him alone. 


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