My Muse

A few years ago, my grandmother clipped an article out of theEau Clairepaper, saying that she thought I might find it interesting.  The article told of a young lady fromChippewa Falls,Wisconsinwho had recently won a scholarship from the rock band, Queen, which award her a four-year scholarship to pursue her songwriting at McNally Smith College of Music inSt. Paul,Minnesota.  The article and Anna Johnson’s story did indeed capture my attention, and I Googled her in order to learn more. 

I was directed to her Myspace page and had a chance to listen to her music.  I was instantly drawn to her pure, clear voice and incredible songwriting.  At that time, she had recorded a CD locally and was performing at area coffeehouses and various other events.  I was excited to learn that she would be performing at my hometown venue, the Hazelnut Tree, so I arranged for Erica to join me and go see her show. 

I was not disappointed in seeing her live.

I had the opportunity to meet Anna that night and exchange a few words with her.  I bought her CD and took it home.  I enjoyed listening to her songs as I worked around the house or walked to and from my daily activities.  Then Anna announced that she was making the move toNashvillein order to record a new album and pursue her music with a wider scope. 

I was sad to see her go, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to see her perform live again for a very long time.  But I followed her on Facebook and through her blog, and I watched her progress from a start-up artist to a successful independent singer/songwriter.  Currently, Anna is promoting last year’s album release entitled Ready to Go and working on another studio project in her new hometown ofNashville,Tennessee. 

This morning, Anna launched her first official music video to her crowd-pleasing, tear-jerker song “Damaged and Bruised.”  Today also happens to be her birthday, so this occasion is monumental for more than one reason.  I can’t wait for you to see this video!  The song is thought-provoking and poignant, and without a doubt, it will tug at your heartstrings.  “Damaged and Bruised” has acted as a muse-of-sorts for me as I have worked on my writing and sought inspiration for my own music.  Once you see the video and hear the song, you will understand why. 

Although I mainly perform and write Christian music, I can’t help but stand behind Anna’s music and the launch of this video.  Her music is pure and positive without any of the negativity and harsh language you might hear in today’s pop music.  She is a role model to young girls and promotes a love and passion for music that cannot be denied.

So please do me a favor and help out a fellow musician and friend.  Visit Anna’s YouTube channel at to see the video for “Damaged and Bruised” and the other videos she has uploaded to her channel.  Also, “like” her on Facebook if you get the chance:

Thanks, friends!

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