True Worship

In November of this past year, I was formally hired to be the Worship and Music Director at my home church.  The past few months have been filled with some incredible experiences, but I have found there is nothing more important than my role as a worship leader and worshipper of God. 

A few weeks ago, the women in my Bible Study and I looked into some of the Psalms.  We talked about how the Psalms have come to mean so much to each one of us.  Page after page, the Psalms move from lament, to praise, to prayer— reflecting the true heart of a worshipper.  Many of the Psalms are written by David— one who had been anointed as the king ofIsraelbut lived in fear of King Saul.  He was a musician and shepherd, and these elements can be recognized in his writings.

That day in Bible Study I made a comment to the women; “I wonder what it would have been like to hear David sing and to play his harp for the Lord.”  We marveled at the fact that he could often worship God in even the darkest of times.  He would cry out to Him in heartfelt honesty, not mincing any words or holding back in His pleas.  His words of praise after God’s deliverance would often leap off the page with pure joy, and we were encouraged by this display of adoration.

It made me think even more of my role as a worship leader and worshipper of God.  I even contemplated my role as a songwriter.  I have only written one song that had any potential of becoming a corporate anthem, and ever since, I have felt this pressure to write another song that could be used within congregational worship.  I had found little or no inspiration, even in the pages of Scripture, until that day in Bible Study.  I found the lyrics and lines of the Psalms sprang up new hope inside of me, and I started to pray that He might start to work through me again in my songwriting.

I am finding that my heart has changed toward worship as a whole.  If the past few weeks have taught me anything, worship is a time to communicate; the worship team needs to communicate with each other, which in turn, leads to communicating with the congregation as they worship.  Finally, true communication can begin with the Father in worshipping Him corporately.  I am praying that my time in the Psalms can bring me to the place of true and honest worship.  When I am personally invested in bringing Him praise, I can then lead the congregation before the throne out of the wellspring that overflows from my personal time of worship.    

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