A Blossom of Hope

Over the past few weeks, I have tackled some deeply personal issues, and I hope I haven’t caused any of my readers to neglect my posts in search of something more “happy” or “flowery.” I hope by sharing my experiences through reading Unglued that I can give my readers a realistic portrayal of who I am and share my personal journey toward finding who I am in Christ.

As I learned in reading Lysa’s book, coming unglued isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, sometimes it takes coming unglued to finally find perspective and maybe even find joy during times when everything seems hopeless.

My friend Karen had a meaningful experience just a few weeks ago, and I’d like to share it with you. It had been a difficult few weeks for Karen and her family, and stress and fatigue had taken over and she was feeling frazzled— even unglued. She decided she simply had to get out of the house for a few moments, so she headed out to the flower beds to water her flowers.

She was so focused on her task that she found it was yet another chore in her endless list of things to do. But then, her eye caught something unexpected in the grass nearby. Somehow, in the midst of the late summer heat, there was a lone dandelion growing tall and proud in the grass. Now some would tend to see this dandelion as an unwelcome intruder— a weed to choke out the beauty of the flowers. But in that moment, Karen saw the beauty in that simple dandelion. She stopped what she was doing and simply looked at this unexpected gift, for in that moment, hope sprang up in her heart.

She later told me that she prayed and thanked God for sending this measure of hope through the sudden appearing of the out-of-season dandelion. To Karen the dandelion wasn’t a weed that spoke of the stress of the day but a blossoming flower of hope. May the unexpected presence of something simple like the dandelion remind you today that God works in unexpected and wonderful ways. Don’t ever forget that He is working even in the smallest details. Be comforted in that promise today!

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