In the Beginning

A few months ago, a friend posed a question on her Facebook page: If you could have witnessed any event in the Bible in person, what would you have liked to see?

I quickly realized that this wasn’t an easy question. I grew up reading the Bible and hearing the stories, but there is so much that I would have liked to see with my own eyes. I wondered what it would have been like to see the parting of the Red Sea or the star over Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth. I would have loved to be at the tomb with Mary on the day Jesus rose from the dead. I would have much rather witnessed Resurrection Sunday than the crucifixion; for I think it would have been unbearable to watch Him suffer in my place. But perhaps I could have been one of those who came to Jesus for healing; it would have been an incredible experience to have Him touch my eyes and for Him to be the first thing I would see clearly.

But out of all of these experiences, I think I would have liked to witness creation the most. I have so many unanswered questions when it comes to this monumental part of God’s story, and there are many debates about Christianity that are centered on creation— probably because our human, finite minds cannot comprehend this amazing display of His power.

I have always been drawn in by light, and I have loved to watch the sunrise or sunset because I can clearly see the large sky and the colors created by the sun and clouds. So to be standing there in the empty expanse of darkness and hearing God speak, “Let there be light” would simply be incredible.

But creation wasn’t complete with just the light. Next came the separation between water and sky— two elements in our world that often seem to have no beginning or end. The horizon goes on forever and our oceans are so vast they separate countries and go on for miles and miles.

On the third day, God created our source of food and vegetation. This was the first element of growth on the earth, and I marvel at the number of varieties of fruit, vegetables, and plants that we have at our fingertips today in our grocery stores. Imagine what it would have been like to be there as God created them. What is remarkable is that God didn’t just create fruits and vegetables, but He made each to contain seed so that the growing cycle could continue.

And then on the fourth day, God created the sun and moon and set them in orbit. What an incredible experience it would have been to witness that first sunrise or to sit under that first full moon!

Then God created the birds and sea creatures— the first living things beyond the plants and vegetation. Even though I haven’t seen many birds close up, I have always marveled at how they can fly over the earth; those birds would have been the first to see the world from their lofty place in the sky. How amazing it would have been to hear the sound of their tweeting— probably some of the first sounds of music on this earth!

And then on the sixth day, God created the animals and other creatures. Now, I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve never really been one who was drawn to animals. I did not grow up with pets in the home, I’m allergic to cats and dogs, and I have always been afraid of dogs. But I do have to admit that God was certainly creative when He gave life to each creature; think of the great variety— everything from elephants and bears, cats and dogs, and mice and bees. Even at the time of creation, each animal had its purpose and reason for populating the earth.

And then the most incredible thing of all happened: God created mankind. Adam and Eve were created in God’s own image and lived in communion with Him in the Garden of Eden. He created mankind to rule over the fish, birds, animals, and other livestock so we could eat and truly live. This was the time during the creation account when life was as perfect as it would ever be. Sin had not yet entered the world, and God said that it was good.

I think I would have liked to be there in the beginning to see the world formed by our Creator. I don’t know about you, but I’m figuring it would have been the most tangible way to see God at work and witness His incredible display of power.

I’d be interested to know what event you would have liked to witness in the Bible. Feel free to comment below. In the weeks to come, I will be walking through my church’s journey through The Story, which is a 31-week study of the Bible in chronological order. Next week, I will share some thoughts on Abraham and God’s promise. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. Good Morning Cassie, thanks again for an insightful post. I think it would have been awesome to actually have been present at Jesus’s birth, to hold the King as a baby and to know the reason he was born would have been such a gift!!

    1. Oh, Dori! I agree that seeing the birth of the King and getting to hold Him would have been incredible! At Hazelnut Tree Christmas and on the week that we talk about Christ’s birth during The Story, I’m going to be singing a song from The Story album that is from Mary’s point of view. It is a beautiful song that talks about some of the same things you just mentioned. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

      1. I can’t wait either!! If you need any help this Christmas Season getting from here to there or someone to keep you company anywhere let me know, I’m here for you!!

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