To Know Him

As our church congregation has journeyed through The Story, our pastor has presented intentional sermons that connect God’s story to the story of His people. One such story recently drew my attention and it was that of Moses and his encounter with the burning bush.

God first spoke to Moses through the burning bush as a way to reveal Himself to this man who would serve Him. You might wonder why God chose this extraordinary way to speak to Moses, but perhaps, as Pastor Tim pointed out, Moses really didn’t know God all that well at this point. In speaking from the burning bush, God certainly got Moses’ attention.

This particular message drew me in simply because of this concert of what it means to know God. I grew up in a Christian home, and I was baptized and became a member of my home church. I asked Jesus to come into my life at summer camp at age nine, and throughout my childhood and teen years I was involved in the Sunday school and youth programs. Church and Jesus were a large part of my life. I thought I knew Him simply because my parents served the Lord and I went to a Christian school. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I truly made my faith my own and began to know Him more intimately.

On Friday nights during my freshman year, I had the dorm room to myself. My roommate lived really close to campus, so she went home on the weekends, leaving the room quiet and sometimes rather lonely. I began a Friday night tradition in which I would sit in the center of the big, braided rug that covered the floor. I would pray and talk to God out loud; there was no one there to overhear me, and I found I was able to communicate openly and freely with Him. I can honestly say that in my entire adult life, I cannot recall another time when my prayers flowed so effortlessly and I felt a close kinship with my Creator. I have found times of intimacy since, but nothing can match that season of my life.

I began to truly know Him then, and my faith became strongly rooted in Him. It was then that I began to refer to Jesus as my best friend, and that hasn’t changed to this day. I find that I know Him the best in the dark, quiet of my bedroom when it’s just Him and I before I fall asleep at night. It’s the only time where the world slows down enough for me to linger in His presence.

I often compare my relationship with Him to the most intimate of connections. Now, everyone has friends and family whom they truly love; these are the people we call when we have good news or bad news, when we need a shoulder to cry on, or when we need to ask a favor. These friends and family members are the real deal— so much more than any Twitter follower or Facebook friend. These online acquaintances are just that— acquaintances— and we can’t necessarily rely on these people to stand by us in the nitty-gritty. Even though some of these online friends might be friends and loved ones, for the most part, we “friend” or “follow” people to make a business connection or to meet mutual friends.

Much is the same when couples meet online. On the surface level, matching criteria seem to make all the difference in establishing a connection, but it isn’t until the couple meets face-to-face that real life begins in the relationship. In my experiences as a single woman, I have found a am quite choosy when it comes to finding the one God has set aside for me. I am seeking someone who will love God more than me and will be willing to serve alongside of me in wherever God may lead; I also want to serve alongside him in whatever God has called him to do and to be a support to him as God would want me to be as a helper of mankind.

One day, I want to look back and find that I truly know my spouse in a deep and intimate way. I don’t want to settle for just anyone, but I want to find that one person who completes God’s plan for his life and mine. The same holds true for my relationship with the Lord; I refuse to settle for a mediocre relationship; I want to strive for true love and intimacy that reflects that I truly know Him better than I know myself.

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