When I traveled to Nashville in 2010, I remember journaling about a specific question relating to music that inspired me. I recall writing down that Britt Nicole’s fun and upbeat music was a step outside of my usual listening zone and that I was grateful that Erica had introduced me to her artistry, which later led me to buy an album.

If I’m ever facing a difficult situation or just having a bad day, I often crank up the volume on a Britt Nicole song. There is something about her energetic melodies and encouraging lyrics that made the trials of life slip into the background for a few moments. One of my recent Britt Nicole favorites is a song called “Stand.” I first heard the song as I was walking home one day; doubts and fears for the future were overwhelming me, but when I focused on the lyrics, I found peace in knowing that I could stand on the everlasting promises of my Savior.

I wake up to another day
I don’t know if I can face
All the fears that are starin’ me down
Yeah, I’m tryin’ to be brave
But I’m a thread about to fray
I want to stand but I don’t know how
I look up
And all I see is Your love holding me
When I feel like giving up
When my heart has hurt too much
Feels like I’ve reached the end
No, I won’t turn and run
This battle will be won
When I’ve done all I can
I stand, stand, stand
I stand, stand, stand
Some days I lose my place
It’s a fight to keep my faith
But You are with me
I am not alone, no
When all around my world gives way
Tossed like an ocean wave
You are my rock when the storm clouds blow
I look up
And all I see is Your love holding me

On Your promise I will stand
All other ground is sinking sand
Recently, this song has once more reminded me of the peace I can find in standing confidently in Him. Last week, I talked about the doubts and fears concerning my summer activities. I have made it my mission to pray and allow God into each situation. I know I can’t possibly handle everything on my own, and I will need His strength and guidance in many situations. Where YLF is concerned, I am blessed to have a nurse and a few others on staff who are seeking after God, and I know they, too, are lifting up our upcoming event and bathing it in prayer. This alone brings me great comfort. But even though I am praying and taking delight in the prayers of others, I know there is simply no denying the importance of immersing myself in the Word of God.

As my church congregation has journeyed through The Story, I have found that I am more readily drawn to the Scriptures. It used to be more of a chore— something I had to check off my list as a duty. Now, it is a joy to read the Word, and sometimes the phrases leap off the page with such vibrancy and accuracy that it’s as if He’s talking directly to me. I have found such comfort, peace, and love in the Words of Life that I can’t imagine not taking my Bible with me as I venture to YLF and wherever else this summer may take me. Of course, my Bible will be contained on my Tablet— not in actual book form— but it will be ready at my fingertips whenever I reach for it.

I was gripped by a story recently that told of the utmost importance of God’s Word in times of trial. In her book Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Jennifer Rothschild tells about Corrie ten Boom and her family as they endured life in captivity and persecution. She writes that the family had a secret to their faith and the ability to stand in opposition: “When they were arrested by Hitler’s regime, the family members whispered to one another, “What do you have in your shoe, Corrie?” “What do you have in your shoe, Daddy?” “What do you have in your shoe, Betsy?” What was in their shoes? Romans 8, Ephesians 1 and 2 Corinthians 4. According to Corrie, they had torn pages of Scripture from their Bibles and placed them in the soles of their shoes. Talk about standing on the promises!”

Now, I probably won’t tear pages from my Bible and place them in my shoes, but even so, this story is a reminder of the Holy and powerful Word of God. As Corrie and her family “stood” on His Word, they were strengthened and encouraged as they carried around their little secret. Well, I hope you all know by now that my faith is no little secret. There are times where I am not permitted to speak up and it’s not the time or place, but many of my friends and colleagues know where I stand.

I’m not the most perfect witness to His love and salvation, but I pray that I would be known as one who stands on His Word. As I move through this summer, I pray that I can carry the Scriptures with me in my heart along with the promises in Britt Nicole’s song. I’m sure there will be a day this summer when “Stand” will be blaring from my speakers as a testimony to my hope and trust in Him. But until a day like that comes, I invite all of you to listen to this anthem when you have the time. Here’s a link to it on YouTube:

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