Take me with you

A few weeks ago, I got one of those fancy phones— you know the ones that have the ability to talk to you and you can talk to it? Well, let’s just say that my smart-phone, now nicknamed Lexi, has been a valuable tool already in my daily life. I went from never texting to now being able to dictate messages to my phone that are then sent over the S Voice function. I am able to dictate reminders and appointments as well as check the weather before I leave home each day to make sure I don’t get rained on.

A few days ago, I was leaving to go visit my grandparents. On a whim, I said to my phone: “I’m going for a walk.” To my amusement, it replied: “Take me with you.” At first, I laughed it off and didn’t think much of my phone’s conversational response. But then I was struck by a deeper meaning in the midst of it all.

I had just returned from directing YLF on site, and I was tired and overwhelmed. The week had gone well, and at every step along the way, I could feel God’s presence as I worked through each challenging circumstance. Before I left for camp, I spent a significant amount of time in prayer. I often communicated to my Best Friend that I didn’t think I could do it; directing YLF without the usual adult guidance was a terrifying reality. Even up to the day before I left for YLF I was facing doubts, especially when my packing was derailed by an unfortunate incident between some bathroom cleaner and linens. I was feeling like I would never measure up.

I remember that first night on campus as I prayed fervently for protection and provision during the week, and I got the distinct impression that I wasn’t alone. A gentle voice seemed to whisper to my mind and heart that I didn’t have to be afraid. “I will go with you,” I perceived Him saying to me. And from that day forward, I latched onto His side with all the dependency of a child clinging to her father.

As the week progressed, we faced many challenges and unfortunate circumstances, but in each situation, I felt that I had the ability and focus to work through whatever came my way. In many ways, I wouldn’t have had the strength or wisdom to respond if I had to rely on my own fragility. The Holy Spirit gave me the words and follow-through to respond with grace and tact.

Now, I’m not saying I was perfect in my role as director; in fact, I have a long way to go in being the best YLF director I can be. But in everything, I realized that I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the week without my incredible staff, amazing speakers, and above all my Savior. His constant presence in the midst of it all was a reminder that I needed to come to Him with every need and at every moment.

Every time I glance at my phone now, I am reminded that I should take my Best Friend with me no matter where I go, just like I am doing with Lexi these days. I might depend on Lexi for the basic scheduling needs of my day, but it is my Savior that I must depend on if I want to truly succeed in what He has called me to do each day. So I vow to take Him with me— not only on a walk but in my day-to-day journey.

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