Have you ever heard the expression that you’re probably just too close to a situation? Well, I was certainly there this past week in a number of different circumstances. It seemed that every time I turned around, I was reminded that I was not in control and that God had everything mapped out in His own amazing way! I also learned that perspective can often be found in the most unexpected places.

The first of these incredible moments of time came when I visited my family. For many years, I have felt removed from those I love the most. Most of my family lives in an area close to two-and-a-half hours from me, so the places and things I know are not the places and things that make up the lives of my family members. Sometimes, if I’m being honest, I’m a bit nervous and maybe even dreading conversations with my parents or sisters simply because I’ve felt misunderstood. This weekend was different for me, however. Instead of feeling isolated or removed from my family, I felt welcomed and supported. I was able to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and have meaningful conversations with all of my sisters.

I found common ground with one sister in a favorite TV show. We chatted about possible outcomes for the characters and debated about what would happen next. With another sister, we bonded through shopping and fashion— not something we are usually able to do together. But I think the most meaningful interaction came through a time with yet another sister.

Since April, I had been working on writing and arranging a song that was near to my heart. Usually, I am rather reluctant to share my compositions with others unless I am very comfortable with its potential, so it was remarkable that I wanted to share my new song with her that morning. We were playing and singing worship songs at the piano when I boldly asked if she wanted to hear a new song. She responded enthusiastically, so I played through my new composition, eagerly awaiting her feedback. After I played the last chord, I looked over at her to gauge her reaction. “I like it,” she said. “But something’s missing. Don’t you have a bridge or something to bring it all together?”

At first I didn’t know how to react. A songwriter never wants to hear that their song is good but needs improvement; a songwriter wants to hear that their creation is great and needs no alteration. So when I heard her comment, I was saddened. I explained to her how close I was to the content of the song and how it affected me emotionally. She offered a hug and encouraged me to consider making the changes should I feel led to do so.

That morning, it was like I had found a release in bearing my heart through song. Less than two hours later, I was back at the piano with an idea for a bridge to complete the song. It was as if the bridge was meant to be written, but for some reason, it took close to four months for the composition to reach completion. It seemed that I finally had the freedom to let go and create without boundaries once I released my preconceived notions of how the song should go and what it should sound like.

As I worked to create a rough recording of the newly altered song, I recognized the circumstances that had also been altered in my own life. It seemed that letting go of my own personal agenda opened the door to unexpected blessings. I was able to bond with my sisters, witness the first birthday of the sweetest little girl, and participate in the welcome relationship renewal for me and a good friend. It was a refreshing week of lessons learned and altered perspective. Although things weren’t as I expected, I learned to appreciate the gift of perspective and the beauty of a Master plan.

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