The Provider

It was six days before I had to travel to a conference some distance from my home and I had no idea how I was going to get there. Nearly two months previous I had hired someone to drive me to the conference, and for the first time in a long while, I felt that I had accomplished something huge. It was usually so difficult to line up transportation, and here I had everything set in place… that is until a phone call that changed everything. With a few simple words, I was left stranded without a plan. My transportation provider was not going to come through for me, and I was frustrated and angry.

With six days to go until my departure, I was desperate. If I didn’t find a ride, I wouldn’t be able to attend the event, and that made me even more upset. There was nothing I could do. My hands were tied and there seemed little hope. A friend encouraged me to hold out for something greater. “God has a reason for this,” she told me. “Maybe He has a specific driver in mind for you… someone who was meant to take you to the conference all along.”

In my state of anger, I couldn’t see how that could be possible. I was too busy being overtaken by the situation that I didn’t see the wisdom in her words. Instead, I took matters into my own hands and put a desperate plea out on Facebook. I practically begged for a ride— offering reimbursement for gas and mileage, free food, and undying love and affection.

My friends who responded to my post on Facebook seemed sympathetic, but yet, no one came through for me. I went to bed after a terrible-no-good day, too tired to even pray about my predicament. But as my friend pointed out earlier, God had someone in mind, and He was about to come through for me in a huge way!

I awoke the next morning feeling exhausted, almost ready to give up on the whole thing… that is, until I checked my messages on Facebook. I couldn’t believe it! I found a post from a church member who was actually free the day of the conference and would be willing to provide transportation. I was so excited and relieved that I confirmed this person’s offer right away. God had provided for my needs and I was so incredibly thankful. I can remember praising Him out loud at that very moment.

Oh, how quickly I forget about His amazing provision! It seems that similar situations play themselves out in my life day after day, and I fail to see the beauty of how He provides. In fact, it took a recent incident with my computer to remind me of His incredible grace and mercy even when I doubt Him.

I was having trouble installing a program on my computer— such a trivial thing— when I just gave up out of pure frustration. “There has to be an easier way!” I grumbled. I didn’t know what I would do without my word processor. I am a writer after all, and I live, eat and breathe words! I needed this to work, but it didn’t look like the ordeal was going to end in my favor.

But then just as quickly as despair entered the equation, I remembered something my father told me ages ago. I went online and researched what we had talked about, and in moments, I had a solution to my dilemma. I didn’t hold back my praise in that moment: “God, why are you so good to me!” I said out loud. “I doubt your faithfulness and yet you still come through for me! You are so good… so incredibly good.”

I kept all of this in mind as I prepared for my upcoming retreat for people with disabilities. Once more, I needed a ride and I was dreading having to ask for help again. I doubted that anyone would want to leave home at dawn and drive through rush hour traffic to make sure I could meet a shuttle bus. Well, it looks like I doubted for nothing again; I have a ride lined up for that day, believe it or not, and I am so incredibly grateful that God opened that door so this person might be able to play a role in helping me on my way.

So what is the lesson in all of my ramblings? Well, its quite simple, actually. I read a post online recently that captured my attention. It said something like this: Why focus on our PROBLEMS when we can thank the PROVIDER? How true is that? So as I prepare for the retreat and in the future as I encounter other challenges, I pray that I can reach out to the Provider before I dwell on the Problem.

One thought on “The Provider

  1. I so enjoyed meeting you at Joni and Friends Camp.
    I am so blessed to get to know you.
    Thanks for telling me about your website.
    Blessings in Christ,
    Marie 🙂

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