Getting to Know me

A fellow writer, Caroline McGraw, ( published a blog recently that caught my attention. She wrote that she wanted to get to know her readers better and asked them to participate in a little question and answer activity. Although I did not respond to Caroline’s challenge, I thought it would be interesting to take her idea and utilize it here. Just as Caroline invites in her post, I would encourage you to email me or comment below with your own answers to the questions or conversation starters I have here. If you’re uncomfortable responding that’s fine; just enjoy the little tidbits I have set before you. Now’s your chance to get to know me a little better.

What weighs on my heart? Friends who don’t know Christ and lack of peace in relationships.

Where do I struggle? Truly listening to people, cleaning the house, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, praying for others.

I love: dark chocolate caramels, pumpkin cupcakes, dark chocolate and hazelnut mochas, chicken Alfredo pizza, coffee-flavored ice cream— and that’s just some of my favorite food! I love Crazy Daisies, long walks at sunrise, hanging out at the Hazelnut Tree, going out to dinner with my best friends, and dancing to Britt Nicole albums when no one is watching,

What I wish I could talk about but feel too afraid to say out loud: I am afraid that YLF won’t make it a second year under my leadership. I’m terrified that I will crash and burn.

I have a confession. I am one of those people who reads books more than once and watches movies over and over again. I have found, particularly with movies, that I get more out of each time I watch. Since I am visually impaired, details can often slip past my limited view, so watching a movie over and over provides many opportunities to better understand the plot and what is happening on screen.

What I dream about: friends coming to faith in Christ, YLF truly succeeding, FRC continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, the day when I stand face-to-face with Christ and truly see for the first time, marrying Brandon Heath…

Ha. I was just seeing if you were paying attention there! But really, marrying Brandon would be kind of awesome!

My favorite movies: “A walk to Remember,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Ever After,” “The Sound of Music,”… basically anything of the chick flick variety or rather sentimental in nature.

Favorite sports team: the Green Bay Packers of course! Hmm… maybe I’ll marry Aaron Rodgers instead. Sorry, Brandon :(.

Another confession: Sometimes I fall asleep at night and think about my book characters. I dream about new story ideas or what the characters will do next. I have had conversations with friends where character names come up and its as if we are referring to them as real people. “That is so something Brent would do or Joanna would say” etc. Sometimes its tough being an author, living in this world between reality and fiction.

I have yet another confession: it took me ten years to get The Promise on paper.

My favorite worship songs are “Revelation Song,” “Overcome,” “Crown Him (Majesty),” “Center,” “I will Rise,” “It is Well with my Soul,” and so many others.

And since Christmas is coming, my favorite Christmas songs are “O Holy Night,” Avalon’s “Good News,” Michael W. Smith’s “All is Well,” Chris Rice’s “Welcome to our World,” Bebo Norman’s “Come and Worship,” “In the Bleak Midwinter,” and many others.

My favorite musical artists are Brandon Heath (of course), Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Nichole Nordeman, Bebo Norman, Avalon, Britt Nicole, Anna Johnson, and so many others.

Now how about you? I’d love to get to know you better, so now its your turn to continue the conversation.

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