Humility is the Moon

Recently, I read the following quote on Chris Tomlin’s Facebook page:

“Humility is the moon. The moon knows that it has no light of its own so it doesn’t float around in space saying, “Look at me shine! Look at me shine!” No, it simply reflects the light of the sun to the earth. That’s a picture of a good worship leader. Yes, people will look at you, but you are just a reflection of a greater Light. And this Light is life to all who seek it.”

Now, I always knew that the moon is a reflection of the sun. It doesn’t take a scientist to recognize how things work in the scope of the earth and the universe. But I guess I never stopped to think that the moon was also a picture of humility. True, the moon has no light without the presence of the sun. In fact, there is no light from the moon at certain times of the month due to the position of the earth and other factors that I’m not going to get into in this post. You see, science is not my strong suit. :).

But what I’m getting at here is a much deeper focus. In reading that quote, I began to consider what it might be like to mirror the purpose of the moon. As Tomlin pointed out, a good worship leader reflects the light of Jesus as the One True Light. I have often wondered if I am fulfilling that role as I lead in music and worship at FRC. Am I leading others to the Light or am I being more of a stumbling block in my portrayal of His Light.

A recent sermon is still hammering hard at my heart. Pastor Tim talked about loving others and working alongside those who might be difficult to love. He pointed out that many people struggle with loving others and that there is a time and place for distancing oneself from those who are angry or bitter so we don’t begin to take on some of those same characteristics. But even as Pastor Tim focused on this concept, he asked each one of us to examine our own heart. What I heard conveyed to me was an invitation to look in the mirror. Why is it so difficult for me to love certain people? Why do particular traits, behaviors, and attitudes grate on me? Could it be that the very irritants I find in others could actually be the very same things that are irritating others where I am considered? Could someone be thinking of me right now as the one who is difficult to love?

I visibly shuttered when I came to this conclusion. It was painful to look into that proverbial mirror and realize that I might not be reflecting Christ in the way I thought I had been perceived. It made me consider how I presented myself to the congregation in leading worship as well. I have sought to be the best representative of Christ that I can be— to my OneVoice girls, to the other worship teams, to those sitting in the congregation. I know I am not perfect, but I know that I am very visible to the congregation and I need to be held accountable for my attitudes and actions.

I was talking with a few church members at the conclusion of a recent service, and we were discussing how we had felt God’s call on our lives. A woman looked straight at me and said something rather profound. “We all know your calling; you’re the singer. You wear it on your sleeve.” It struck me just how obvious my calling is perceived to other people. I am obviously living it out on that stage, but am I genuine? Do I reflect Christ in every word I speak and every song I sing? Do I love others with abandon or do I need to look to the One who is the Light for further illumination?

Humility is the moon. Let this be a reminder of who I am in Christ. I am His, and without Him, I am nothing. May we all be reminded of Who we represent as we go about each day. He is the True Light and we have the honor of reflecting Him back to the earth in a radiant display.

One thought on “Humility is the Moon

  1. Once again awesome words from you, I am going to remember that line- “I am just a reflection of a greater Light!” when it is me people are looking at and make sure he gets the credit! Thanks sweetie for the nice words in your Christmas letter of thanks, I did get it this time! And yes you are doing a wonderful job leading us to the light even if everyone who feels it doesn’t say it directly to you!! Looking forward to all your Musical Blessedness( if that’s a word!) this Christmas Season!!

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