Eye Contact

It happens often when I am shopping. I make sure I stay close to the person who accompanies me, but it seems I always get separated from them. I might be distracted by a cool pair of shoes or trying to read the ingredients on a food label. Either way, I turn away from my companion and find that I am lost. Sometimes I am prone to panic. Why can’t I find him or her?
Something similar happens to Peter in Matthew 14. When the disciples see Jesus walking toward them on the lake, they are terrified because they don’t recognize him for who He is. Peter, seeking confirmation, tells Jesus to encourage him to go out to Him on the lake. When Jesus says, “Come” Peter walks out to Jesus. But when he sees the violence in the wind and waves, he cries out in fear for Jesus to save him.
Why was Peter so afraid? Well, the scenario is similar to the times when I get separated from my friends in the store. I take my gaze off of my companion and instead focus on some temporary distraction. Peter let the fear of the moment overwhelm him so much that he took his eyes off Jesus and began to flail in the waves.
Jesus communicated to Peter that he had little faith, and this struck me profoundly. I think I can say that I understand this thing called blind faith to some extent. Since my physical sight is limited, I can spiritually visualize a God who is unseen but yet very present.
It is like the moon when it is full. You can see its brightness and immense beauty, but what about when the moon wanes in the days that follow? You can no longer see the light from the moon, but it doesn’t mean the moon doesn’t exist. A person needs to have faith in the fact that the moon isn’t visible but it will eventually be seen again.
When the clouds of fear and doubt obscure the light that is God in our lives, we need to be reminded that He is always there even though He isn’t visible. We can’t lose eye contact with our Savior, or like Peter, we will start to sink. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…” (Hebrews 12:2).

One thought on “Eye Contact

  1. So glad your back!! I missed it! Hope things are settling back into a good groove for you! We are all set for the 23rd, just let me know when you want to head out on our day of fun, yes we’ll try and make the Dr. visit fun too!! Later, Mama Dori

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