Lost for Words

Some of you may be aware that I took a bit of a break from “Cassie Contemplates” for the summer. During that time, I concentrated on moving, turning over leadership at the camp I direct in Madison, and making my health and wellness a priority. So after a three-month break, I am starting to find my routine again. It hasn’t come without struggle.
On the way home from a doctor appointment, my friend and driver for the day asked what I would be writing about in Cassie Contemplates coming up on Monday. I told her I had no idea. I confessed that nothing had struck me yet. She asked me then when I usually could expect inspiration for my weekly posts. I told her that it varies. Sometimes, I have posts already written and waiting in a folder on my computer; but other weeks, like this one, there is nothing waiting to be posted.
But for this morning, I had nothing… absolutely nothing. I began to wonder why I seemed to have nothing to say. But that seemed unreal. I had just walked through a very active week. There was a doctor appointment that made me extremely nervous because I was faced with an unknown outcome. Then there was the long Wednesday at work from 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. There was rehearsal with a new musician on the worship team and some planning ahead for a few weeks down the road. And then there were the plans for my big birthday bash.
It was such a crazy, busy week, that I hadn’t taken the time to just stop and reflect. So it was that day, on the way home from the doctor appointment that my friend and I found ourselves singing along to the radio. An old song by Nichole Nordeman blasted through the speakers and I just let go. I sang along at the top of my voice, engaged in full-blown worship of my Savior. Thankfulness burst from my heart as I sang in gratitude for his faithfulness. The report at the doctor had been satisfactory, and I now knew how to deal with my very treatable condition. My birthday was on the horizon, and I was excited about the worship service coming up on Sunday.
I was lost for words, and that’s when I knew that I had to share the experience with all of you. Many of you know that I am talkative and can get quite animated in a circle of close friends. Being quiet is something that is hard for me to do. It is far too quiet at home sometimes, and I just need to engage in the sounds around me. So for me to be singing that day, but yet quiet in spirit, was a meaningful time for me. I was worshipping with my whole heart.
So today, I encourage you to look around you and marvel at the little things— the reasons you have to be thankful— and simply worship Him. Maybe take a moment, turn up the radio, and belt it out. Kneel down in prayer and praise Him for His grace and faithfulness. Just take a moment to get lost in Him. You don’t need words to worship Him; just give Him your all and He will be honored in that offering.
Blessings, friends!

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