Top Songs of 2016

At the close of 2015, I offered up a list of the songs that had impacted me throughout the year.  I would like to do the same at the close of this year.  The following songs have played a significant role in my life over the course of the past year.  Some were used for corporate worship, while others ministered to me on a personal level.  Where they are available, I have included YouTube links for the songs so you might be able to listen to them.  Please consider supporting these artists by purchasing their albums or downloading their songs. 

“Echo” Blanca

“Even so Come” Tommee Profitt & Brooke Griffith

“Good Good Father” Tommee Profitt & Brooke Griffith

“Greater is He” Blanca

“Because He Lives (Amen)” Matt Maher

“I Surrender” Hillsong

“Just a Girl” Brandon Heath

“No Borders” Ginny Owens

“Overflow” Lex Buckley

“Your Grace Still Amazes me” Phillips, Craig & Dean


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