Faith in the Midst of an Uncertain Future

I write to you today with a heart overwhelmed with both gratitude and heaviness. Just last week, I completed an incredible nine-week journey in songwriting mentorship. Mere days later, our country and world have been inundated with devastating news of spreading disease, creating widespread anxiety. This past week has caused me to vacillate from one emotion to another; I am relieved and feel great accomplishment from completing my songwriting course, but the state of our world has left my heart broken and heavy for all of us. On a physical level, I have also been battling seasonal allergies that have left me congested and frustrated with ongoing symptoms. I am both excited and exhausted. This past week has been like anything I have ever experienced before, and I’m sure the same is true for you.

The next few weeks are filled with so much unknown. Many of us are now working and completing schoolwork online. Stores, businesses, and churches are shutting down. I am a worship leader unsure of what this next Sunday will look like musically through corporate worship. Will I be serving with a team? Will our services host fewer attendees? Will we be recording and offering our time of worship to our parishioners online?

On Saturday, I posted the following to my Facebook page, and I hope it will encourage you today if you are feeling anxious and fearful during these uncertain times.

Friends, please pray with me today and tomorrow as our country observes a National Day of Prayer. These times are certainly unlike anything we may have experienced before, but one thing we must remember is that God is in control! He is greater than our fear, and any anxiety we may face comes from the enemy. The devil wants us to live in fear, to separate ourselves from the faith communities that unite us. I know for sure that there is one easy way to release the stronghold of the enemy: praise and worship and prayer. I have always said that the devil is allergic to praise and worship, so sing that fear away in the name of Jesus!

Yes, use your discretion and practice good hygiene, but please, release your fear and anxiety to the one who has given us love and power in His strength!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT
I wanted to go ahead today with my original plan, and that was to finally update you on my journey throughout the past nine weeks. Once this is posted, I will move forward with that. In sharing my experiences, it is my hope to focus on something positive instead of all of the anxiety now looming over many of us.
Friends, if there is any way I can be praying for you during this very challenging time, please don’t hesitate to share any prayer requests and prayers with me. I promise to lift up each request to our God who is in control of all things. He is faithful. Trust in Him.

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