“Quiet Place” Available Everywhere Digital Music is Sold!

Before the pandemic brought a lockdown to our communities, I was in a songwriting course with Krissy Nordhoff.  In week 4, we were encouraged to write a Biblical Truth song, something that would speak to the culture of our church congregation and resonate accurately with Scripture.  Every week in the course thus far, I had gone week-to-week, not rushing ahead to see what we would have to write down the road.  But I knew this week was drawing near and I had been carrying around this idea for quite some time.  I had a few lyrics here and there relating to a specific theme, but nothing substantial; however, there was a melody haunting me as I went about my daily routine.  I don’t know if “haunting” is the right word, but basically the melody line wouldn’t leave me alone.  I hummed it to myself frequently, even singing it awkwardly into my voice recorder as if I would somehow forget it. 

When week 4 arrived and the assignment was given, I immediately set to work.  I had my melody and pieces of lyrics, and as the song came together, it was remarkable to see the process unfold.  I have always been a structured songwriter; I want to make sure the lyrics make sense and line up properly throughout the song.  The lines either have to rhyme or proceed in rhythm, or it drives me crazy!  At first, this song fought with me a little as far as structure was concerned.  It reminded me of my song “The Dawn,” which doesn’t have a chorus or any type of refrain— just four verses that look like hymn stanzas on a page.  When I wrote “The Dawn,” I fought with this structure for some time, somehow thinking that it wouldn’t be a real song unless it had a chorus or even a bridge.  But if I’ve learned anything by now when it comes to songwriting, it is clear that one shouldn’t mess with inspiration or creativity when it arises. 

So as “Quiet Place” emerged in front of me, I felt as if I had been in this place before with “The Dawn,” and I was modestly confident in this new song.  Of course, I was still nervous to hear what my classmates had to say, but I was particularly fond of the lyrics and I was hopeful that my work would meet with approval.  I had never written a song from God’s perspective before, so this also presented a unique perspective in the songwriting process. 

I wasn’t planning on releasing music any time soon, mostly because of the pandemic.  I have been recording at home to some degree, but it is far from professional; I knew if I was going to release anything, I would want to connect with a studio again.  Until the virus was no longer a significant threat, I was going to remain at home and create as best I could with the resources I had at my disposal. 

But in early March, I submitted song lyrics to a publication within my church denomination.  Because of my fondness for the lyrics of “Quiet Place” and how pretty and poetic they looked on a page, it was an easy choice to send this song out into the world.  I didn’t anticipate how strongly the song would connect with one of the editors, and before I knew what had happened, I was on the phone with Nate, the gentleman who produced my 2018 album The Dawn.  A plan came together fairly quickly.  I would record “Quiet Place” in the studio as soon as I had access to a portable digital piano.  Then once the song was ready, we would upload it to YouTube or Soundcloud.  Then when the newsletter published my lyrics, they could include the link to the sound recording as well.  The more we talked about the details, we came to a realization.  Basic distribution for digital music is typically under $20, and since we were going through all of the work of recording and making this release coincide with the newsletter, we might as well just submit “Quiet Place” for digital distribution so it could be available everywhere. 

So today, you can download and stream “Quiet Place” on 150+ digital platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube and YouTube Music, Deezer, and others.  Let me know what you think of the song, and I pray it speaks to your heart during this chaotic time in our history.  You can read below for the story behind the song and how it came together. 

My pastor preached a sermon in the early part of 2020 on Mark 1:29-34, adapted from Henri Nouwen’s article ‘Moving from Solitude to Community to Ministry’ in Leadership Magazine, Spring 1995.  He focused on Jesus and his example— how he spent time alone with the Lord on numerous occasions, taking the time to go to a quiet place early in the morning.  After his times of solitude, he would move back into community— calling his disciples and nurturing their relationship with Him.  Then as he would move forward in His ministry, He would send them out into mission— two-by-two and connected in community to share the Gospel.  It begins with solitude and being rooted in personal relationship with Christ, being encouraged and participating in fellowship through community, and then being motivated to extend community into mission in order to draw others into relationship with Him.  It begins with solitude and then circles back to solitude.  It’s a continuing cycle of connection with the Savior. 

I wrote this song with a hymn-like structure with these core themes: solitude, community, and mission.  The lyrics are included below.   

Quiet Place

© 2020 Words and Music by Cassandra Lokker

Come with Me to a quiet place.

Seek My presence, seek My face.

This sacred ground where two hearts meet—

Lay your burdens at My feet.

Leave your cares, your fears behind.

Be still and know, renew your mind.

Come away to a quiet place,

A quiet place with Me.

Come together and fill this place.

Extend a hand, a warm embrace.

This offering of praise you bring—

The words you pray, the songs you sing,

Join together with one voice.

Glorify My name, rejoice!

Come together and fill this place.

Come and worship Me.

Go and be sent from this place,

Sharing love with tender grace.

Hear My call and count the cost.

Embrace the hurting and the lost.

I send you out by two, by three

To fish for men, to set them free.

Go and be sent from this place.

Come and follow Me. 

Come with Me to a quiet place.

Seek My presence, seek My face.

This sacred ground where two hearts meet—

Lay your burdens at My feet.

Leave your cares, your fears behind.

Be still and know, renew your mind.

Come away to a quiet place,

A quiet place with Me.

“Quiet Place” Credits

Written by: Cassandra Lokker ©2021

Vocals, piano: Cassie Lokker

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Nate Wycoff (Frequency Farm Recording Studio, Woodville, WI)

Photography: JoAnna Lampa

Art and Design: Anna Mitchell

Transportation/ Studio Assistant: Mary Logterman

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